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Sweet Shankarpali
Poha Chivda
Besan Laddu
Jeera Shankarpali
Dryfruit Laddu
Bhajni Chakli
Poha Chivda
Poha Chivda, Diwali Faral, Snacks, Diwali Snacks
Celebrate Diwali with Our Authentic Poha Chivda
Rs. 240/- | 500 gm
Looking for the perfect Diwali snack? Look no further than our Poha Chivda! Made with flattened rice, peanuts, and spices like cumin and coriander, it's both savory and satisfying. Order now and enjoy this popular Indian snack!
Bhajni Chakli
Bhajni Chakli, Diwali Faral, Diwali Snack, crispy, crunchy snack
Crunch into Diwali with crispy tasty Bhajni Chakli
Rs. 325/- | 400 gm
Diwali is around the corner and our Bhajni Chakli is a must-try snack for the occasion. Made with a special blend of rice flour, besan, and spices, this traditional snack is crunchy and flavorful. Perfect for munching on during the celebrations with your loved ones.
Sweet Shankarpari
Sweet Shankarpali, Diwali Faral, Diwali Snacks
Indulge in the traditional taste of our Sweet Shankarpali, a popular Diwali snack. These crispy, diamond-shaped treats are made with love and care, ensuring a perfect blend of sweetness and crunch. Order now and celebrate the festival of lights like never before!
Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with our Shankarpali
Rs. 140/- | 200 gm
Jeera Shankarpari
Add some crunch to your Diwali snack spread with our Jeera Shankarpari. Made with flour and cumin seeds, this crispy and savory treat is sure to impress your guests. Order now to elevate your celebration!
Jeera Shankarpali, Diwali Faral, Diwali Snacks, Crispy crunchy snack
Add Some Crunch to Your Celebrations
Rs. 120/- | 200 gm
Sweet Karanji
Besan Laddu
Get in the festive mood with our mouth-watering besan laddus. Made with the finest quality gram flour, ghee, and sugar, these traditional Indian sweets are a hit with everyone. Serve these bite-sized snacks at your Diwali celebration and watch the joy spread. Place your order now!
Sweet Karanji, Diwali Faral, Diwali Snacks
Besan Laddu , Diwali Faral, Diwali Snacks
Celebrate Diwali in style with our flavorful Karanji! This savory pastry is filled with a mouth-watering blend of spiced coconut and almonds, then fried to golden-brown perfection. Perfect for snacking with loved ones during the holidays. Order now for a delicious Diwali treat!
Traditional Karanji: The Perfect Diwali Snack
Experience Diwali with Delicious Besan Laddu
Rs. 200/- | 200 gm
Rs. 450/- | 400 gm
Dink / Dryfruit Laddu
Our Dryfruit Laddu is a delicious blend of nuts and spices. This traditional Diwali snack is made with a mix of almonds, cashews, pistachios, and raisins, all combined with a touch of cardamom for an irresistible flavor.
Dryfruit Laddu, Healthy snacks, laddu for pregnanent women
Classic Gifting Option
Diwali Combo
  • Poha Chivda
  • Bhajni Chakli
  • Pure Ghee Besan Laddu
  • Shankarpali (Sweet OR Jeera)
  • Karanji
Diwali Faral Combo, Diwali Snacks, Diwali gifts
Delectable Dryfruit Laddu for Festive Moods
Rs. 650/- | 400 gm
Rs. 950/-
Ukadi Che Modak
Ukadi che Modak, Steamed modak for Ganpati Naividya
A Bite of Tradition: Steamed Modak
11 Pcs - Rs. 351/-
21 Pcs - Rs. 551/-
51 Pcs Rs. 1251/-
Our Modak is a traditional Indian sweet, popular during the Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Made with rice flour, it is filled with a sweet stuffing of grated coconut, jaggery, and cardamom. Savor the taste of India with our delicious and delectable Modak.
Puran Poli
Puran Poli
Celebrate Pongal with the Richness of Puran Poli
Puran poli is a must-try dessert in Pongal. We make it the traditional way, with a filling of sweet chana dal and a blend of aromatic spices. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this tasty treat.
Tel Poli (Maida) - Rs 60/- nag
Wheat Poli - Rs. 35/- nag
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